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Romanian Philatelic Federation
On January 1/13, 1881 has been published the first philatelic magazine in Romania, suggestively named "TIMBROPHILO". In April 1891 has been established in Bucharest, under a temporary name, "The Romanian Stamps Society" and at May 6, 1891 has been organized the very first philatelic exhibition in Romania, having a private status, in the house of President Dimitrie C. Butculescu in Bucharest (the present Lido Casino). In the meeting of November 26/December 10 1891, the society changed its name into "Romanian Philatelic Society", being adopted also the club bylaws.
In 1932 in Bucharest at Romanian Academy Palace (Dalles Hall) takes place between November 20-30 the biggest philatelic exhibition, EFIRO-1932, under the high patronage of King Carol 2nd, himself a great philatelist and owner of a collection ranked 3rd in the world from its value point of view. Nowadays, EFIRO-1998 exhibition in the halls of Romanian Parliament, brought back to the public the biggest Romanian philatelic rarities. It will follow in Bucharest in 2008 the World Philatelic Exhibition to celebrate 150 years since the first Romanian stamps have been issued. All these events organized by R.P.S. are trying to promote historical, cultural and moral values of Romanian people through stamps.
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Researches and study's
The Great Romanian Philatelic Exhibition Efiro l932

Taking the opportunity of the great Romanian Philatelic event, which was the Philatelic Exhibition EFIRO 1932, organized by our revue Tribuna Filatelica held in a distinguished and sober atmosphere, important philatelists from all over the world and his Majesty the King, accepted the invitation of the organizers, exhibiting an important part of their philatelic treasures.
Rightly appreciating the good order in mounting the collections and during the exhibition, we are pleased to see the full success of our revue Tribuna Filatelica, realizing in our country the first great official philatelic exhibition consecrated by the presence of His Majesty the King and by the state authorities.
We'll try to describe in as much details as possible, the exhibits:
The Exhibits of Efiro l932
By R. Zoscsak

      The collection of H. M. King Carol II includes:
- 1 pair Porto Gazetei stamps, the issue of 1858, lower frame without broken line, uncanceled.
- 1 pair of Cuza the Ruler, 20 PAR, red, azure paper, from 1865.
- 1 block of 4 stamps Carol I, 5 PAR, black, on blue paper , issue l866, grill canceled.
- 1 block of 4 stamps Carol I, 50 BANI, so called "with beard" canceled, issue 1872, August.
- A sheet of "Bull Heads" stamps, 40 PAR, blue, cancellation by hand on white paper.
- A letter with three round "Bull Heads" stamps issue of 1858, July, 15, 108 PAR, blue on pale pink paper, canceled with red postal mark Jassy-Moldova and addressed to Galatzi: another letter of the same correspondence with 4 stamps "Bull Heads", first issue, as follows: 2 stamps of 27 PAR black on pink, one of 54 PAR, blue on greenish and one of 108 PAR, blue on pale pink canceled by round red "Jassy-Moldova" postal mark.

EFIRO 2004
      The year 2004 is a rich one as far as philatelical events are concerned, both at national and local level. The main objective for the Romanian Philatelic Federation is organising EFIRO-2004- The National Exhibition , an event with international participants. This event should celebrate 130 years since the Universal Postal Union was founded and the 23rd U.P.U Congress organised in Bucharest city and will be managed with the new ROMFILATELIA .S.A organisation.
      The Romanian Philatelic Federation will organise two more events from the series already known by collectors as" International Collectors Fair" on 5-6 of May and 6-7 of november, the location being the well known World Trade Plaza.