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Site map: Presentation of R.P.F. History Page dedicated to the history of the Federation and to the beginning of                                                                                   Romanian philately.
                                                   Bylaws Extract from the R.P.F. functioning bylaws
                                                   Board The page where you will find the Federation organization structure
                                                   Members The other organizations, clubs philatelic organizations from the country affiliated                                                                      to R.P.F.
                                                   Comities The specialized commities and their members.
                     Manifestations Activities The expositions and national and international philatelic fairs with the participation                                                                   of R.P.F. and Federation delegates
                                         Services Page with the R.P.F. objectives, aims and action means.
                                         Schedule The manifestation calendar for the running year.
                                         Exhibitions Exhibitions under R.P.F. patronage or with the active participation of the Federation
                                         Fairs & Auctions Fairs and auctions organized or under R.P.F. patronage
                     Media-press Selections-press Selections from the press. Selection and summaries from the articles from the                                                                          national press about the activity and manifestations organized by R.P.F.
                                "Philatelia"-Magasine Selections and extracts from the important articles of the last number of the                                                                             magazine.
                                     Catalogs-magasines Publications with philatelic character printed up to the present date on a                                                                                   national level, initiated by associations and clubs R.P.F. affiliated or written by                                                                         members of the Federation.
                                           Philately-Youth Page dedicated to philatelic activities of young philatelists.
                                 Library Postal history Articles and Romanian postal historic studies.
                                   Philatelic Literature Page with articles and philatelic works from all the thematic fields including                                                                              postal history.
                                      Archive The places were you can find older pages, articles and selection from older articles from                                                         the site. Also, here you will find references to reference works that deal with postal and                                                           Romanian philatelic history.
                     Info Site map & help The purpose of this page is to help you navigate easier on the site and to make the links                                                          as fast as possible between its pages. Also here you will find the explanation note                                                                    regarding the technical shortcomings of the site in connection with various systems and                                                            browsers used by you.
                                  Informations Informations about the new postage stamp issues, philatelic issues or occasional stamps,                                                          etc.
                                     Links Links and useful connections to other philatelic web pages with which R.P.F. is in                                                                    collaboration relations or information exchange.
                                     Write in Guestbook The place were you can leave your impressions about this site.
                                     See Guestbook The place were you can read the impressions of the visitors to this site.
                       Expertise & Appraisals Here you can find information about fakes, methods to expertise, experts and even                                                                  come into contact and ask questions of R.P.F. experts
                                     Collectors Annuary The place were you can find the announcements of Romanian collectors and                                                                          were you can register or update data from the year book.
                                     New Founds Page dedicated to last minute discoveries in the philatelic field.
                                     E-mail Contact address of the site redaction team, for questions and suggestions. The answer will                                                      be received in the shortest time possible.

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