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Term dictionary:
F.F.R. = Romanian Philatelic Federation;
F.I.P. = International Philatelic Federation;
F.E.P.A. = European Philatelic Associations Federation;
F.I.S.A. = International Aero- Philatelic Studies Federation;
F.I.P.O.= International Olympic Philately Federation;
Philatelic Association = group of private people (associations, societies, clubs, circles, etc.) that has acquired juridical personality according to the law.
The Romanian Philatelic Federation is a nonprofit organization that united all philatelic associations in Romania that obtained juridical personality.
The Romanian Philatelic Federation represents the continuation of all the associations and philatelic societies existing in Romania starting with the year 1891, when the first Romanian Philatelic Society was founded, and has juridical personality according to the law.
F.F.R. is the only representative of philatelists and members affiliated to the F.I.P., F.E.P.A., F.I.S.A., F.I.P.O., of national philatelic organizations affiliated to these, as well as other national and international organizations.
As member of F.I.P., F.E.P.A., F.I.S.A., F.I.P.O. and other such international organizations, F.F.R., following its affiliation, continues to be a member of these, acknowledges their statutes and act according to these.
Headquarters of F.F.R. is in Bucharest, str. Boteanu, nr. 6, sector 1.
F.F.R., is mainly a cultural organization, whose goal, in its most broad sense, is to promote Romanian philately and its traditions at a national and international level.

F.F.R. has the following category of members:

a) Affiliated members;
b) Honor members.

The leadership of F.F.R. is made up of:

a) F.F.R. Congress, as supreme head of the organization;
b) National conference;
c) Managing Committee, that has in its subordination the Secretary general, the special commissions, the redaction board of "Filatelia" magazine, the editors and other auxiliary organs;
d) The Executy Office of the Managing Committee;

The Congress elects once every four years the Managing Committee made up of:

a) President of the Federation;
b) Secretary general;
c) 15 members, of which a minimum of 7 members of the candidates proposed by the affiliated associations are named by the elected president;
d) of the 15 members of the Managing Committee are elected, at the proposal of the President, a number of 5 Vice-Presidents - at least 3 of which will be from Bucharest - that will make up, together with the Secretary general the Executive Office of the Managing Committee.
The Executive Office of the Committee will convoke the National Conference annually, in the 1st quarter.
The Congress of F.F.R. elects the President of F.F.R. for a mandate of four years.
A person can hold the function of president of F.F.R. for a maximum of two consecutive mandates, of four years each.
The secretary general of the federation is the current administration organ and it runs its functions in the direct subordination of the president.
The special commissions of F.F.R. are consultative organs, that run, informs, expertise and work under the leadership of a vice-president, or member of the Managing Committee, according to the programs approved by him.

F.F.R. organizes the following philatelic manifestations:

a) expositions;
b) The day of the Romanian postage stamp;
c) The philatelist day;
d) Other philatelic manifestations (conferences, symposiums, fairs, etc.)
"The day of the Romanian postage stamp" and "the philatelist day" are registered trademarks, as activities belonging to F.F.R., and can not be organized by other authorities.
The Federation organizes expositions at a national level, under its auspices as well as bilateral and multilateral international expositions, in cooperation with the federations affiliated F.I.P. and F.E.P.A.

At expositions organized by F.F.R., can participate:

a) members of affiliated associations;
b) members of national organizations affiliated at F.I.P., F.E.P.A., F.I.S.A., F.I.P.O.;
Participation at international expositions organized by F.I.P., F.E.P.A., F.I.S.A., and F.I.P.O. is with approval from the Managing Committee of F.F.R.
The Congress of F.F.R. approved the Statute, on 17-18th of September 2000.